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The Obrand Law Group specializes in assisting clients with their Real Estate Law matters.
Former General Counsel for Coldwell Banker, attorneys at the Dana Point Business Law firm are aggressive advocates with over 35 years experience.

We provide cost effective representation to our clients throughout Orange County
with the following matters:

§ Construction Law: 
    The Obrand Law Group provides representation to homeowners, contractors and builders in matters
    involving construction litigation, construction defects, zoning, building permits and defective title.

§ Land Use:
    Land use issues between neighbors arise frequently. The Obrand Law Group represents landowners
    dealing with land use disputes arising from boundary and tree disputes, easements, encroachment,
    trespass and nuisance. We also represent homeowners who are fighting the government’s
    power of eminent domain.

§ Landlord Tenant Issues: 
    At The Obrand Law Group we represent both residential and commercial property owners and renters.
    We handle a variety of landlord / tenant cases, including eviction, rent abatement, security deposit disputes,
    habitability and retaliatory eviction.

§ Liens:
    The lawyers at The Obrand Law Group can help you with conflicts arising from the recording of a lien
    against your real property, including Mechanics’ Liens and Judgment Liens.

§ Real Estate Litigation:
    Our attorneys at The Obrand Law Group have almost 40 years’ experience representing individuals
    in complex Real Estate Litigation cases involving a wide variety of issues, including Breach of Contract,
    Specific Performance, Construction Defects, and Owner Disputes.

§ Real Estate Fraud: 
   If you’ve been the victim of real estate fraud, misrepresentation or predatory lending schemes,
  contact The Obrand Law Group immediately at (949) 240-6150 to schedule a consultation.

§ Real Estate Transactions:
   The Obrand Law Group provides representation and consultation to owners and buyers involved
   in real estate purchase transactions, residential and commercial Leases, and assistants with loan documents.

The Obrand Law Group, located in Dana Point, California, is a full service Real Estate Law Firm. Former General Counsel for Coldwell Banker, we have over 35 years experience providing our clients with aggressive and cost effective legal representation.

If you need help with a Real Estate Law matter, fill out our case evaluation form or call our office (949) 240-6150 to schedule a consultation.


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  Real Estate Law
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34080 Golden Lantern, Ste. 303
Dana Point, California 92629
Phone: (949) 240-6150
Fax: (949) 240-6420

The Obrand Law Group serves Business Law and Real Estate Law clients in:

Orange County:
Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, El Toro, Irvine. Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods,
Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano.

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