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The Obrand Law Group is a full service Real Estate Law Firm, assisting clients with a wide variety of issues regarding the use of their real estate and property rights, including disputes involving easements, restrictive easements, zoning, encroachment, nuisance, fences and trees.

Easements  - Easements entitle one party to the use of another’s property for their own benefit - most commonly to enable one party to access their property. The right to use an easement may arise via contract, deed or the sale of property. Easement disputes typically arise regarding right of use, improper usage or blockage of access. 

Eminent Domain - Eminent domain is the government’s power to take property for public use. When the government exercises its power of eminent domain, they must compensate the landowner and disputes often arise as to the fair market value of the property.

Encroachment - An encroachment occurs when one party unlawfully builds a structure (the most frequent example is a fence) on a neighbor’s land, either deliberately, because of a faulty survey, or due to negligence.

Miscellaneous Property Rights Issues - There are a variety of other property rights disputes that can arise between parties, including boundary disputes, tree disputes, and trespass.

Nuisance - Nuisance pertains to one property owner using their land in such a way as to cause harm to or interfere with another property owner’s right to use and / or enjoy their property (also known as quiet enjoyment). The right to quiet enjoyment extends to lawful tenants.

Restrictive Easements - Restrictive easements are limitations placed upon a landowner by the government that preclude the landowner from using their property in a particular manner. As an example, restrictive easements are frequently imposed with respect to historical sites and buildings.

Zoning - Zoning is a tool that the local government uses to determine land use. A city may determine which parcels of land within its borders can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial uses, and if a landowner wishes to dispute zoning for a particular parcel of land, they can request a variance from the city.  Property owners can also request zoning exceptions and special use permits.

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